Becoming LJ – Week 24 and Commencement

Six months ago, when we were all asked to write a weekly blog – I read so many that began with “Today I begin a new life.” It was a powerful statement and one I felt, but didn’t acknowledge. Six months later, I truly am beginning a new life. I am overcome with emotion asContinue reading “Becoming LJ – Week 24 and Commencement”

Becoming LJ – Week 22a

Isn’t it interesting that what is transpiring in our world somehow seems to tie directly into the weekly key? I’ve heard my fellow team members state this on more than one occasion and I’ve read it several times in the alliance area. Our community is becoming enlightened! I’ve mentioned how my old DNA was rearingContinue reading “Becoming LJ – Week 22a”

Becoming LJ – Week 17 – The Hero’s Journey

What have I been pretending not to know? What a deep question. One I’ve mulled over this whole week. As I continue to become a more aware adult thanks to this journey I found myself fessing up to many things I’ve been pretending (out of fear) to not know. This hasn’t been easy, but it’sContinue reading “Becoming LJ – Week 17 – The Hero’s Journey”

Becoming LJ – Week 17

Being in an enclosed space (cruise ship) since the weekend has given me opportunity to reflect more than normal. I’ve had an amazing opportunity to re-watch every Digital Solutions webinar and caught more things I missed on the original evening. I’m grateful to be able to get away for a week and commit this timeContinue reading “Becoming LJ – Week 17”