Becoming LJ – Week 17

Being in an enclosed space (cruise ship) since the weekend has given me opportunity to reflect more than normal. I’ve had an amazing opportunity to re-watch every Digital Solutions webinar and caught more things I missed on the original evening. I’m grateful to be able to get away for a week and commit this timeContinue reading “Becoming LJ – Week 17”

Becoming LJ – In Arrears

Halfway through week 11 I got sick. Visited my local ER and discharged after a strange (to me) diagnosis of Benign Positional (or Directional) Vertigo. Extremely low on magnesium and potassium. I am to take supplements and I do not believe in supplements. For now, I shall listen to the medical professionals and acquiesce. ThenContinue reading “Becoming LJ – In Arrears”